mfsBSD Samba

Сборка проекта: Как говорится в BUILD, можно воспользоваться iso готовой FreeBSD, что мы и сделаем Далее нам нужно собрать все dependencies от samba36 P.S. т.к. python27 & python2 из зависимостей samba36 так же имеют общие компоненты, нужно подправить Makefile, приписат –forceключ в регионе .if{DPKG} компилим mfsroot: P.S. если система не FreeBSD10 => нужно увеличить NKPT […]

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FreeBSD 10 won’t detect mouse

Suddenly I’ve installed FreeBSD 10 from scratch and got a problem with detecting mouse. While booting with verbose mode, I read dmesg wich shows that my 7-button Razer Lachesis is keyboard! :D As you may think, yes, my mice did;nt work at all. It’s because at new kernel USB-stack were reproduced, and tell that […]

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Display Power

But the timeouts can also be specified in the X configuration file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf. In the “Monitor” section, you need a line like: Then, in the “ServerLayout” section (for Xorg 7.2 and later, make a separate ServerFlags section instead), include lines like this: Source

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Chromium HTML5 problem

If you have any problem while watching youtube videos, please check if it NOT flash (HTML5), if it got place, you should change POST query from your browser (chromium) to something like IE9\10. Use User-Agent Switcher. Then all HTML5 videos should be playing by flash. This only works if you got flash installed.

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