vagrant provision shell from gist.github

from gist.github #!/usr/bin/sh ordinaryPack=”docker nc tcsh unzip” servPack=”httpd mariadb-server php-mysql php” passwdResetURL=”” yum update -y yum install -y $servPack $ordinaryPack systemctl enable httpd.service systemctl enable mariadb.service curl $passwdResetURL >> /tmp/rootPasswdReset mysqld_safe –user=mysql –init-file=/tmp/rootPasswdReset wget -P /tmp unzip /tmp/ -d /var/www/html mv /var/www/html/DVWA-1.0.8 /var/www/html/dvwa sed -i ‘s/p@ssw0rd/sqlpasswd/g’ /var/www/html/dvwa/config/ sed -i ‘s/^/#/g’ /etc/httpd/conf.d/welcome.conf systemctl start […]

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mount -t vboxsf: No such device

Finally I’ve found the solution with problem described above. As always – firstly better to take a look in github (hello rkn) Here some sort of: If you will for first time, Vagrantfile will mount your ./workdir to /vagrant filesystem on Guest. But each time I yum update (chef/centos-7.0 box) – something goes wrong and […]

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disable repo CentOS 7

First time using rpm-based CentOS 7 revision, some when it should happens. So here I describe some obvious thing, but not so obvious for me, as allways I’ll tell about facing some problems and finding solutions. First it’s a repos: couple days ago I want to watch a movie. But for doing this I should […]

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Package Manager

Just now found some nice, to make my new windows look like *nix, as close as I can do. Choco From this, I can use PowerShell and install userspace with witch I prefer work in FreeBSD. Atom / SublimeText / VIm Python / NodeJS And many more… NuGET – the same, for programming

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mfsBSD Samba

Сборка проекта: Как говорится в BUILD, можно воспользоваться iso готовой FreeBSD, что мы и сделаем Далее нам нужно собрать все dependencies от samba36 P.S. т.к. python27 & python2 из зависимостей samba36 так же имеют общие компоненты, нужно подправить Makefile, приписат –forceключ в регионе .if{DPKG} компилим mfsroot: P.S. если система не FreeBSD10 => нужно увеличить NKPT […]

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FreeBSD 10 won’t detect mouse

Suddenly I’ve installed FreeBSD 10 from scratch and got a problem with detecting mouse. While booting with verbose mode, I read dmesg wich shows that my 7-button Razer Lachesis is keyboard! :D As you may think, yes, my mice did;nt work at all. It’s because at new kernel USB-stack were reproduced, and tell that […]

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