Static page push to heroku

Hello there!
Suddenly I’ve found that my request for heroku bug were fixed
So from now, I tried to push some for testing heroku, but faced some trouble, let’s see.
There is no way to push simple static site to heroku master:
As described in manual

% heroku git:remote -a kaldown
! Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected

Some googling will lead us to solution, (thanks)
So we should use link from .php to .html and re-commit:

% mv index.html home.html
% echo "(php_open_tag)? include_once("home.html") ?(php_close_tag)" >> index.php
% git add .
% git commit -m "add semi-link to home.html who was index.html before index.php :)"
% git push heroku master

And that’s it

P.S. heroku still more reliable than meteor, but in may issue of BSDmag there were some solution to deploy meteorJS on FreeBSD 11, and some chance to deploy it on FreeBSD 10, but I haven’t enough tolerance to waste time, and honestly, as I’m new in AngularJS, there should be some problems with deploying on meteorJS, and again tutorial. So bla-bla-bla, whatever, anyone read this, except me?

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